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(not) Craig Parker [userpic]

Craig Parker Bio

August 11th, 2006 (11:22 am)

Mun name/nick/handle: Fabala
Mun journal: tsinivari
AIM: fabalamun
Yahoo: fabalamun
E-mail: earth.idiot@gmail.com

When you can be reached and preferred method: I'm on EST and available through the day via email (and gchat) at work. I'm on most evenings, reachable by email, gchat, AIM or yahoo. Weekends if I'm home, I'm around...so it's catch as catch can. Email is the guaranteed way to make sure I get your message, as my screen names are always on since I have cable--I'm not ignoring you if I don't reply to a ping! For doing RP, I prefer writely or email, but if it must be done in IM I can do that as long as we make arrangements.

Pup's physical info: Born November 12, 1970 (35). 5'10, slender but toned build and mildly tanned skin, dark hair and blue eyes.
Pup's location: Lives and works in the French Quarter.
Pup's orientation: Gay, all day long, gay.
Pup's hobbies:Cooking, hiking, backpacking, traveling, tennis, diving... pretty much any outdoor activity.
Pup's occupation: Gourmet Chef and co-owner at La Rêve Delicieuse (the Delicious Dream) in the French Quarter (on Royal).

Pup bio: Craig was born November 12, 1970 in Suva, Fiji, but his family moved to New Zealand when he was very young which is where Craig grew up and lived for a good portion of his life. Even as a child, Craig showed an interest in cooking, something which developed into a passion as he grew older. When he wasn't outside engaging in one of the numerous outdoor activities he loved, he'd be in the kitchen creating. Once he got out of school, and had completed a good bit of traveling, that love of cooking and food and feeding people led him to pursue a career in the culinary arts. He attended Le Cordon Bleu, a culinary school in Paris, France where he received his degree.

Craig is fluent in french and also a PADI Advanced Diver. He's backpacked around various countries, interested in traveling and other cultures and loves to camp as often as he can.

He is the co-owner of La Rêve Delicieuse, a restaurant in the French Quarter specialising in southern French cuisine. Craig handles the menu and the running of the kitchen, while his partner handles the business aspect of the restaurant.

At a very young age, Craig started to suspect that he was gay, something later confirmed as he grew older. He's had several relationships, but between the traveling he has done (and still does) in his life, and the time that La Rêve takes up, he hasn't really pursued a relationship lately, and he's alright with that.

Craig is very laid back and friendly, but when pushed--especially in his kitchen at the restaurant--he can turn into a bit of a diva, a fact he is not proud of. Those that frequent La Rêve are as charmed by the chef as they are his menu. He enjoys cooking for those he knows, especially his single friends who live on take away and dining out.

More about La Rêve Delicieuse:

La Rêve is located in the French Quarter on Royal and is a four star restraurant that specializes in southern French cuisine, though other aspects can be found in the menu as well. It is an upscale restaurant, generally by reservation only, but the prices aren't completely outrageous and it hosts a clientel other than the extremely rich society butterflies. There is, of course, a Chef's Choice Menu (and if anyone is interested in seeing it, just let me know) and patrons that frequent La Rêve also make requests of Craig, which he is more than happy to fill, as he loves to create. Craig's speciality is an almond encrusted sea bass with a lime beurre blanc on a bed of risotto, served with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Game connections: He knows Cillian Murphy, Orlando Bloom, Clive Owen and Johnny Depp. (if anyone else would like backstory with him, just contact me I'd be glad to do it!) He will eventually be taken (relationship with Clive Owen), but open for play with anyone (especially on a friendship level).

Type of Characters Pup Likes: When it comes to friends, Craig is fairly outgoing and friendly and therefore has connections in a variety of arenas--status and class meaning very little to him. If they can put up with him, then he's usually pretty good to go. When it comes to the men he dates, well, he doesn't date a lot...so as far as Craig is concerned, he does not have a "type". It's about whatever catches his attention and can hold it.

What type of play are you willing or NOT willing to do: For Craig, he's not going to bed with a woman, ever. He just wanted everyone to know that. I'm still fleshing out just HOW into kink he is, so it's mainly going to be a case by case basis to be discussed with the person in the scene.

Last updated August 10, 2006.


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